5 Vegan Restaruants in London

  1. Sparkyjen says:

    Very yummy menu items, and so progressive with them recognizing that many people are strict plant-based eaters. I will remember this when next I’m in London, which could be 2018.The US is getting much better about including these type menu items on menus here as well.

    Sometimes, the amount of oil is a bit scary, but if its too thick, I can thankfully absorb it with my salad or napkin. I guess you can ask that no oil be added, but then you might throw off the kitchen staff.

    Should we tell restaurant owners/chefs that oil does not necessarily make the meal more delicious? That’s why, my 1# favorite restaurant is at my home. I have a few vegan/vegetarian tricks up my sleeve that even the most die-hard carnivores would enjoy!!!

  2. 40ish_love says:

    I have recently become plant-based and I am coming back to London next week so this is perfect timing! Thanks Adrienne 🙂

  3. […] Eating Out  Initially, I was really worried that eating vegan was going to ruin my social life! I love food and I love going to restaurants and dinner parties. Fortunately, most places are now offering way more vegan options and I predict this will only get better as more and more customers are demanding more plants on their plate! Last month I shared some of my fave London spots for eating out, check it out here … 5 Vegan Restaurants in London  […]

  4. basilandvogue says:

    I really want to try CHLOE! x

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