1. Yeahhhh!! Love you girl! So glad I found you! 🙂 #stalkerforlyfe Ha!

  2. So well said Adrienne! I think letting go of friends is a hard thing to do – but you’re right, we don’t need to hang onto everyone friend we have ever had. I’m so thankful for the “internet” + giving me the opportunity of meeting good eggs like you. Here to support you and goals! xx Phoebe

  3. I love this post and so happy to have met you! xx

  4. Natasha says:

    I can’t not tell you how much I can relate to you on this post. Meeting women like yourself puts my faith back in to allowing new people into your life, ones you can trust and be utterly yourself around. No judgement, just genuine friendships. Your the best! Well said #perfectomondo

  5. jouwellphotography says:

    I didn’t know your blog until just now but i loved reading that article!
    This was a really well written article, well done dance mate (i’m a parent too don’t judge me 😁)
    Bisous Adrienne

  6. Zanna says:

    Love this post girl. So glad you have spoken about this, and so glad i have met you! xxx

  7. Very true Adrienne! Nice post!

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