5 Reasons To Go Dairy-Free.

  1. minisANDMORE says:

    Hi Adrienne – lovely post and great blog. I am allergic to dairy and egg and my co-founders son is a well. Between us we are always trying to find new and alternative products to try. We will keep an eye on your blog for recipe ideas. If you haven’t already tried it, I can definitely recommend Booja Booja ice cream! It’s delicious.
    Katie @minisANDMORE

  2. Just found your blog and loving reading the posts, I’m cutting down my dairy each week using almond milk for things instead, and this is really motivating, thanks!

    • Adrienne says:

      Hi Elanor, I use Almond & Soya milk too. It’s sometimes frustrating when your out in restaurants and cafes but I’ve noticed recently that more places are now offering dairy-free options which is great! X

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