Adrienne's weekly podcast 'Power Hour' has over 1.5 million downloads and is rated 5* on iTunes. Previous guests include Trevor Nelson, Fearne Cotton, James Clear & Dame Kelly Holmes. 
Her brand new book - Power Hour will help you to focus on your goals and create a life that you love.

Women's Health magazine said 'What Adrienne can't do, hasn't been created yet.' and british VOGUE named her as a 'New face of wellness.'

Adrienne is an endurance runner and Under Armour Ambassador. She is currently training for her biggest ever running challenge in 2021.

‘I believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Don’t underestimate your potential for future change’ 

Adrienne is a leading wellness professional, international TEDx speaker, Author and mother. Adrienne is the epitome of the modern digital entrepreneur, she is also Director of Innovation and Performance at the UK's leading fitness app Fiit. Adrienne has been invited to deliver talks and workshops for brands such as Apple, Barclays, & WeWork to motivate and empower their employees. If you want to achieve high performance in both your personal and professional life, follow Adrienne’s work to learn the tools, habits, and actionable advice that she shares.


Adrienne says; There will always be people that tell you that you ‘can’t’ or that your goals are ‘unrealistic’, ignore them and do it anyway. 

Q: Advice to your younger self?

Adrienne says; A blackout blind. Good sleep is priceless. 

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve bought for less than £100?

Adrienne says; 'Personal' - Mindset by Carol Dweck
'Professional' - 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris 

Q: A book you recommend to everyone?

Adrienne says; Italy. The food, the language, the fashion, I love it ALL. 

Q: Favourite place in the world?

Adrienne says; Motherhood. That’s the one job I’m most grateful to have. 

Q: Biggest achievement?

Adrienne says; Russel Brand. The man is a genius and a maniac.

Q: Who would you love to interview next on the Power Hour podcast?

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